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Monthly Archives: September 2023

    How to Set an Asking Price for Your Home

    By Steven Padernacht | September 30, 2023

    Feature image Alt.tag: a white and brown house with a trimmed lawn Selling your home is a significant milestone, one that’s often marked by excitement and anticipation. However, a crucial step can make or break your selling experience: you have to set an asking price for your home. And it has to be the right... Read More

    How to Maximize Your Home’s Value Before Selling

    By Steven Padernacht | September 15, 2023

    Selling a property involves various considerations, with one primary objective: to maximize your home’s value. This guide aims to provide homeowners, whether first-time sellers or experienced ones, with a comprehensive strategy to achieve this goal. We will cover important aspects ranging from understanding the current market conditions to enhancing the physical appeal of the property.... Read More