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NYC Neighborhoods Where Buying Beats Renting

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The city that never sleeps comes with a complicated real estate market. However, there is a solution if you are frustrated by high rent prices and difficult landlords. There are NYC neighborhoods where buying beats renting, and, to help you along, we have organized them in a list.

If you’re planning to invest in New York City real estate, you’ll want to figure out what the best locations to get your money’s worth are. Under normal circumstances, you would explore places where sales have declined and there is still construction activity on the market. The Covid-19 epidemic, on the other hand, has transformed the NYC property market, and there are extra concerns for homebuyers seeking the top investment areas.

Why should you buy instead of rent?

Some of the compelling reasons to invest include:

● Tipping point: In some areas, it may be more cost-effective to purchase than rent. The tipping point represents a calculation of how long it will take for your investment to pay off.

● No more rent hikes: Finding a rent-controlled apartment isn’t as simple as it used to be. If you purchase a home in one of the NYC neighborhoods where buying beats renting, you won’t have to worry about any of that ever again.

● Tax breaks: When the time to pay your taxes comes, purchasing property might increase your deductions.

● Equity: While it demands a more significant investment than in other locations of the United States, purchasing property in New York City nevertheless helps you develop credit.

When you purchase your property, you will also have all the freedom in the world to decorate it the way you want it and make it an authentic home for yourself.

A list of NYC neighborhoods where buying beats renting

We have named several reasons to buy an apartment in the city instead of renting. However, if you are unfamiliar with the distinctions between the city’s areas and the way the market has been affected by the pandemic, determining where to purchase might appear to be a difficult task. When you want to buy a property in New York City, you need to think about availability, amenities, commuting time, and budget. Taking a tour of the neighborhoods will help you make your final decision, but until then — you may find out which NYC areas are best for you in our guide below.

Brooklyn — DUMBO

Brooklyn, popularly known as the “Borough of Homes,” is one of the premier locations to buy real estate in New York City. People appreciate living in Brooklyn for various reasons, including a diverse community, current career options, green areas, and waterfront vistas.

DUMBO is a popular area for singles, accomplished professionals, and creatives. The first on our list of NYC neighborhoods where buying beats renting is located in one of Brooklyn’s most desirable areas, which means it will be more expensive. Prices will continue to rise as more Manhattan dwellers move to this famous neighborhood, so grab your spot while you can!


Riverdale is located along the Hudson River and features single-family houses with yards, friendly neighbors, and a short commute to Manhattan. For those wishing to start a family, Riverdale properties provide extra space and room to expand.

Riverdale is also known for having one of the lowest tipping points in New York City, which means that buying a house here may pay for itself in about two years.

Yorkville and the Upper East Side

The Upper East Side is already on many people’s radars, ranking at the top of the Manhattan districts for homebuyers. The area is heavily packed with co-ops, which have historically been better positioned to weather a financial crisis due to the rigorous application process and liquidity requirements.

With the Upper East Side, you are buying a brand name. This is more of a luxurious option for those who are in for the considerable value. Green parks, reputable schools, various subway lines, and social activities abound in the communities here, enhancing the quality of life. Because of the Second Avenue subway, the eastern part of the Upper East Side is no longer as secluded, making neighborhoods like Yorkville more convenient and appealing.

Homebuyers might benefit from the fact that Manhattan rentals are increasing faster than apartment prices. There is also the possibility of obtaining discounts from sellers who have decided to survive in the market.

Forest Hills

Looking for a place to live in NYC where you can purchase a property with a backyard, drive to work, and walk your children to school? Forest Hills, located in the heart of Queens, is a residential paradise away from the rush and commotion of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Queens is one of the cheapest boroughs for single-family house purchases — your money will stretch much farther here than in Brooklyn. Forest Hills offers adequate housing for every budget, from Tudor-style homes to pre-war flats, making this Queens neighborhood ideal for all singles, couples, young families, and seniors! And professionals specializing in residential moves in NYC can help you take you and your belongings there and ensure you have a smooth and easy relocation.

Even though Forest Hills has a more suburban vibe due to its setup and reasonable housing prices, living here will not deprive you of fantastic NYC features or cultural backgrounds! The area is home to a significant Jewish and Asian community, and it has access to green spaces and offers a variety of activities.

Final thoughts

Whether or not to purchase a property is always a personal choice that involves extensive and cautious preparation. But, for the time being, buyers in New York have the market forces working on their side. There are many benefits of homeownership, and we have mentioned some of the NYC neighborhoods where buying beats renting. Give it a thought, and — good luck!

Meta description: Buying a property is always a personal choice. However, there are NYC neighborhoods where buying beats renting, and we have a list.

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