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Reasons to Move to a Smaller Home in NY

A picture of New York City representing reasons to move to a smaller home in NY.

The Big Apple is a city of big opportunities, big dreams, and big efforts to make them come true. It’s a cherry on top if you happen to have a big apartment to live in. However, as your needs expand, you might want to consider downsizing in terms of residence. Here are some excellent reasons to move to a smaller home in NY.

You’ll save a lot of money

Going up in your career doesn’t necessarily mean upsizing your home too. In NY especially, it’s quite the opposite. When moving up the ladder, you’ll find yourself in a situation where you need to invest significant money in your professional development. So, you need to rearrange your budget and start thinking long-term. While making certain investments, you’ll need to cut your budget for the other things. If you want to save money and cut down on your monthly expenditures, you should consider downsizing. The size of your house will directly impact several home-related expenses, including:

  • insurance premiums
  • property taxes
  • interest payments

 When you purchase or rent a home in NYC with less square footage, you’ll spend less money on utilities like heating and cooling, as well as on general upkeep and repairs. Your future self will thank you for all the money you save since it will help support your business plan. Also, if you think even more long-term, you’ll regulate your retirement, pay for your children’s college education, and eliminate any debt more quickly.

You can even make additional cash

When downsizing, you can even make some more cash on the side. How so? Certain pieces of furniture that were a perfect fit for your bigger home won’t be as perfect when you downsize. Therefore, you’ll have some extra cash in your pocket when you sell the excess furnishings. Also, going smaller residence-wise will mean a lot of decluttering. While doing that, you’ll probably find some valuable belongings you have no use for anymore. That will be a perfect opportunity to put some stuff on E-bay and earn more money. So, be sure to inspect every part of your home and effectively declutter once you decide to move and downsize.

Time saving is one of good reasons to move a smaller home in NY

When you have big plans, you’ll need more time for their realization. You’ll spend some of that valuable time in bigger homes on maintenance. So, downsizing seems like a reasonable method to solve this problem. It won’t take nearly as much time, energy, or effort to keep a tiny space clean and tidy as it would in a larger home. As a result, your calendar will be more open to devoting yourself to the activities and responsibilities that are important to you.

Less debt will be hanging above your head

One of the things that can significantly decrease your productivity and slow down your development is stress about a mortgage. According to the expert recommendations, you should limit your monthly mortgage payments to no more than 28 percent of your net income. If your total debt was just 15% of your income, wouldn’t it make you feel less stressed? Purchasing a house with a debt-to-income ratio at its absolute maximum is asking for trouble, especially when mortgage rates are rising nowadays. Downsizing can be a good compromise. Keep in mind that your mortgage is likely to be the single largest debt you will ever incur in your lifetime and the first item you should prioritize paying off.

It can be psychologically freeing

Life in NYC is relatively fast and can get complicated. If you want to live a simpler life, it may be time to reduce the size of your home. Living in a more manageable space may be psychologically freeing. When you have more goods, your belongings have greater control over you – your mental investment increases in proportion to the size of your dwelling. This is one of the many reasons to move to a smaller home in NY. So, buy on the low end to clear your head. Your bigger residence won’t enslave you anymore. As a result, you’ll have less of a need to stockpile items that you don’t really need.

You’ll have more options on the market

As you know, each borough of the Big Apple has its own soul and real estate market. And every one of them has perks and downsides. Sometimes you need to balance your wants and needs in home buying. When you develop the need for some features your neighborhood doesn’t possess – you might want to look into other communities. However, as you know, some areas are more expensive than others. So, choosing to downsize can mean an upgrade because you’ll have more options on the market and more neighborhoods to choose from.

Take Bronx for example

Consider the following. You are currently living in Hunts Point and want to move to Riverdale – you won’t be able to afford the same-sized residence there for the sale money. According to the experience of professional movers, downsizing is quite a reasonable option in this situation. On the brighter side, if you do decide to move locally to the Bronx, this is the area where you’ll find help with ease and even discover reliable and non-expensive movers. 


When you give it some thought, there are many reasons to move to a smaller home in NY. Though most of them are financial, it also involves a lot of impact on personal psychology and improving your mental state. When you start wondering – is it time to buy a smaller home – it probably is. That doesn’t mean a downgrade in your personal and professional development. As we said, downsizing can boost your financial resources for moving up a ladder. So, don’t be afraid to consider this option. Once you downsize, you’ll be able to bite that Big Apple at leisure and dive into all the opportunities it has to offer. 

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